Hello diving world!

Welcome to Archon Diving Lights World. This is our first post, this is a whole new start to introducing you into the world of Archon diving lights.

Xiware Technologies Ltd is the premier manufacturer of diving lights in China. We have been focusing on making OEM and ODM diving lights for over ten years, and we own ARCHON brand diving light series. Xiware Technologies Ltd., being granted dozens of patents, invests heavily on research and development for various LED illumination applications and waterproof structure design.

To achieve high product quality, we make the lights from scratch, and monitor every step of the processes like designing, machining, inspecting parts, assembling, and quality testing etc. To ensure divers’ experiences of safety use of our lights, we do 100% waterproof test for all our products before releasing them to the market. We also have a wide connection with many professional divers worldwide who provide us first-hand on-site feedback for improving diving lights. Our employees strive to consistently deliver the best pre- and after-sales services we can for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Currently we have a full product line of diving lights, including diving spot light, diving video or photographing light, powerful underwater searchlight, and canister diving light etc., whose maximum waterproof depth reaches 200 meters or 656 feet. Our lights are suitable for divers of all levels including the beginners and professionals. Our products have been shipped to countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the North and South of America etc., and have built a reputable name for Xiware and Archon.