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Archon Diving Video Light W40VR

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A 2600 lumes diving video light with red/purple/UV light.

◆Model: W40VR Multifunction Underwater Photographing Light

◆Bulb: White CREE XM-L2 U2 LED *4 (max 2600 lumens); Red CREE XP-E N3 LED*2 (620 nm, 200 lumens); Purple LED *2 (410 nm, 6 W); UV LED*2 (365 nm, 6 W)

◆Color temperature: White LED 5000–5500 K

◆Switch 1: White: high>low>strobe>off Switch 2: Red>Purple>UV>off

◆Runtime: White: high 72min, low 120min, strobe 90min; Red / Purple / UV: 300min

◆No hotspot design, no reflector

◆4mm polycarbonate lens

◆Body material: durable aircraft-grade aluminum

◆Angle of light beam: 110°

◆Surface treatment: premium type III hard-anodizing


◆32650 Li- ion battery *1

◆W/ battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

◆W/ gas release valve

◆Operation voltage: 4.2V to 2.8V

◆Waterproof: 100 M underwater

◆Dimensions: 145mm (length) * 50mm (dia. of lamp head) * 41 mm (dia. of lamp body)

◆Weight in air: ca. 332 g. (w/o battery); 470 g. (w/ battery)

◆Underwater weight: ca. 250 g. (w/ battery)

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Thank you for choosing Archon Dive Lights! We are dedicated to producing and distributing the most technologically advanced and user-friendly dive lights. We have a light for every diver-Backup lights, recreational primary lights utilizing features such as focusability and hands-free use. Archon also offers technical lights, video lights and photography lights. Our mission is to continue utilizing the latest technology to produce professional grade diving gear. We aim to apply the best materials and design to our product, never compromising on quality.

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7) This warranty does not cover damages due to impact used in chlorinated or polluted waters and extended exposure to heat sources.