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Xiware Technologies Ltd is the largest diving lights manufacturer in China. Our own brand ARCHON takes more than 80% share of China diving lights market,

and we're entering more and more overseas market step by step, our goal is to become the No.1 player in this market section in the whole world


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  1. Archon Canister Diving Headlamp WH31

    A canister diving headlamp with max output 1000 lumens. Driven by 2pcs rechargeable 26650 li-ion batteries which can be replaced easily.
  2. Archon Canister Dive Video Light WH108

    The brightest video light in our collection. 10000 Lumens High Brightness, 5000K Color Temperature.
  3. Archon COB Diving Video Light WM16-II

    Archon COB Diving Video Light WM16-II with red and UV light, max 3500 Lumens, CRI 95+
  4. Archon Diving Light W43VP

    Diving Video and Projection 2-in-1 Light
  5. Archon 2-in-1 Diving Spot and Video Light W21VP

    Mini 2-in-1 Diving Spot & Video Light from Archonlight.
  6. Archon COB Diving Video Light WM26-II

    COB diving video light with spot light, red and uv light, max 6000 lumens
  7. Archon Mini Diving Video Light W17V-II

    A mini diving video light with press button switch. max 1200 lumens
  8. Archon Diving Video Light W41VP

    Diving Video and Project 2-in-1 Light, up to 2600lm.
  9. Archon Diving Light WG76W

    With 12pcs CREE U2 LED, this powerful diving search light is your best choice for underwater exploration.
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Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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